The Project

NewILUMIS project aims at developing a novel functional material based on a layered ceramic, associated to a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) structure and a mesoporous topcoat as an innovative photonic component for lighting/sensing. The target areas will be environmental protection and security, medical diagnostics, biosensing and chemical compound detection.

The core of the lightning structure will be a rare earth doped (RE3+) ceramic (YAG). Its layered construction will allow tailoring the spectral and spatial characteristics of the light source under LED excitation. The ceramic composition (active dopants, scattering phase material, etc.) will be modified to obtain the desired colour rendering index and a high efficiency of the resulting source. This light source will be used for sensing when combined to SPR and functionalized mesoporous coatings. Packaging issues will also be considered to produce a demonstrator whose performance will be tested in relevant industrial applications.